What We Offer

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We Want your Business!

We want to help you!  We can deliver fresh produce to your restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and your home.  Call or email us for details!

Quality and Service is our Business here at Lanier Produce!  

Customers are our top priority. We use refrigerated trucks to ensure the quality and freshness of our produce arrives to our customers in a timely manner. 


What makes us different than our competitors is simple: we are a local produce company that takes the time to ensure that our produce is top  quality before leaving our facility. We take pride in what we do and care about our customers. We work closely with them in letting them know when new produce items are in season throughout the year. This helps our customers  stay up to date on new trends to incorporate into their menu for all to enjoy. 


Examining Crops

We take pride in ensuring fresh quality produce is delivered to  your restaurant!